Everything leaves a mark, not only what we do or what we say, but what we don’t do or don’t say. Everything single action or inaction creates a Brand, it’s up to us to manage this process and guide it towards accomplishing our goals. Advertising and PR are losing trust among people, instead we know that people trust people, and company brands are no longer the result of advertising awareness but the positive engagement of their professionals among their stakeholders. Organizations have the opportunity to join general management, communication and HR to boost their people careers and create a real and human connection among their markets.

Founding partner of Soymimarca, Ponte en Valor and Human Branding, all projects related to personal branding, employee advocacy, executive branding and employer branding.

Collegiate advertising, master in marketing, after 20 years in top ad agencies (BBDO, JWT, Ogilvy, S&S…) I switched to personal branding en 2005 to help people and business achieve successful careers and proud brand advocates.

Personal Branding pioneer in Spain, I helped to create the Iceberg method to simplify the process > Know-You, Develop-You, Show-You. Author of more than 600 articles focused in personal branding, storytelling, employee advocacy. Lecturer at top universities in Spain (IESE, UPF, URL, UAB), TED and international speaker and co-author of 7 books about personal branding.

Everyone has a chance to stand out. Make organizations human is critical, and so is that people become aware of their role as entrepreneurs. Personal Branding is the tool, a strategic approach not only useful for people, but specially for business

Some brands I’ve worked for:

3M, Ferrovial, EY, Siemens Healthcare, Zambon Pharma, PwC, Repsol, Mars Group, Red Cross, ReMax, GNP…

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