The personal brands of the employees build the corporate brand. Aligning personal branding within the company’ culture is key to building brand value. One of the bases of company’s branding is the expression of its brand through the behavior of the people who make it up: They are your best ambassadors.Our Executive Branding programs align vision, values and people, helping them recognize their key qualities and what distinguishes them, and identify which of their competencies contribute to the corporate brand objectives they represent, ensuring that they know and understand the values of the brand and adopt behaviors and communication that reflect these values, becoming an integral part of the delivery of the brand promise.


Maybe it’s hard to say that traditional corporate media (advertising, public relations, sponsorship…) is loosing effectiveness. But following the Nielsen Global Consumer Survey, it’s happening. Real market trust takes place in P2P from person to person. Brandergizers training programs boost brand confidence and networking through exclusive Employee Advocacy programs, measurable from start to finish and with a clear ROI. Brand engagement is also promoted through training via personal branding and employer branding programs, using our Know-You > Develop-You > Show-You methodology

Know You

We help your people explore their uniqueness and amazing qualities and explore how they create value. When they step into who they are, they become a magnet to their team and their clients.

Develop You

We help to discover the synergy of goals, vision, mission and values between professionals and organization, developing the employee's value proposition and working deep on each professional message

Show You

Your brand value is what your communication should reflect in those targets in which you have goals. Smart content strategy, monitoring and data learning will make your staff personal brands grow

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